For more than 100 years

French designer of textiles


The Passion for French Textiles

TROUILLET is a strong desire to share stories through our fabrics… They have a meaning, an
identity, values to enliven our collections. Let us introduce you to our world, full of liveliness and
cheerfulness, in search of your desires! Be confident! We will remain at your side…


A commited Team

Passion & creativity

Creating trendy colorful fabrics

Proximity & reactivity

Come meet you and building genuine partnerships.

Respect & benevolence

Listening to you throughout your choices

The Inspirations of the Season

The summer 2022 collection reveals harmonious trends while mixing tonic colors.

New releases


Creative textiles
for unique products

Ethnic plant

Art Deco





An Eco-Responsible and Ethical approach

For more than a hundred years, we have made it a point of honor to ensure the authenticity and durability of our products.
The choice of our materials and our partners are the foothold of our relationships.

oeko-tex® Certification

Guarantee of the non-toxicity of our textiles

Organic and recycled fibres

Environmentally friendly products

Zero carbon footprint

Fabrics printed in our factory in Portugal and our French workshops