Our commitments

A desire for transparency

TROUILLET and its Partners are engaged.

Respect for environmental standards, ecological and social issues

From zero waste to 100% eco-responsible and recycling, all these issues motivate our teams and are reflected in our daily commitment. At TROUILLET, every day we
consider the influences of the new world, being respectful and local with our
manufacturing project.

Made in Europe

Reducing the ecological footprint of our products

For some years now, over-consumption has made us forget the essentials… We mainly use materials such as Eco-voice Viscose, recycled
polyesters, and some organic and recycled cottons.
With a 100% Made in Europe production, our company limits its ecological impact and produces
reasonably in all transparency.

Let’s be eco-friendly and communicate about our origins!

Every day is a challenge for the world of the Future and we support you in this process.

For several years, we have been working to create an environmentally friendly product. Our digital
printing technology tools ensure respect for the environment. This digital solution now offers
flexibility and reactivity to develop each of your desires without waste.

An upcycling approach to our fabrics has been put in place by revaluing our stocks in our
collections and with our partners.

Responsible and ethical

Our collections are created to accompany you and last!

We promise you less polluting manufacturing conditions and a carbon footprint reduced to the
strict minimum !
At TROUILLET, we are committed to responding to environmental and social issues that have
become a priority for future generations.

Our know-how:

  • Be transparent
  • Respect a social and solidarity-based economy
  • Produce made in France, made in Europe
  • Use natural fibres
  • Take ecology into account
  • Use recycling and apply a zero -waste policy on a daily, from design to finished
    product !

Let’s be actors of a responsible and ethical fashion !